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5 Reasons Why We Love Ashlee Simpson

Patty Oct 03, 2011

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Ashlee Simpson today! The actress/singer turns the big 2-7 today and how amazing it's been to see her grow up. Long gone are her acting on 7th Heaven and the early days of recording her debut album. Now she plays the mama role and takes care of her adorable son Bronx Mowgli. Even though she hasn't been heavily under the radar, we still L-O-V-E her!


Here are reasons why we love Ashlee Simpson:

1. Her TV show was a guilty pleasure. Admit it, you used to watch it!

2.  She obviously looks up to rock queen Gwen Stefani. Her video for "Outta My Head" paid homage to the No Doubt singer.


3. Pete Wentz is her ex-hubby and baby daddy to son Bronx Mowgli. How much does that ROCK?!

4. Her wicked sense of style. From her rock-influenced fashion to her more classic but fun look these days, Ashlee is no stranger to being a trend-setter!

5. Her songs are so relatable and very girl power-oriented. Remember her as a boxer in the video for "Invisible"?




What do you love about Ashlee Simpson?


Yikes! Who Wants to Kill Justin Bieber?

Patty Oct 03, 2011

While not everyone may appreciate Justin Bieber for what he does, there are some extreme haters out there. Justin's fans, the self-proclaimed Beliebers, somehow came across a Facebook page that threatened to kill the Biebs and, like the loyal fans they are, took to Twitter to warn the pop star to stay away from Peru.

The Facebook page in question is entitled "Matar a Justin Bieber el 17 de octubre en el Estadio Nacional." Translated from Spanish, that means "Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium." Yikes! 

See the Facebook page in question below:

Justin's fans took the matter into their hands and tweeted using the hashtag "#BiebsStayOutOfPeru" in order to get the attention of Justin's people. One fan, using the hashtag, wrote, "We don't want you to get killed. You mean everything to us. Please, it's for your own safety!" Another tweeted, "We have to keep #BiebsStayOutOfPeru on the TT's for as long as possible so Justin and his crew see. RT this so people know!"

And while most of fans are concerned with the seriousness of the threats, some doubt the truth in them. Still, most of the fans are taking it quite seriously. One fans said, "People are saying this group is just joking around. They bought tickets and have everything planned. This is no joke."

Justin and his people have not acknowledged the death threats nor commented on the situation as of yet.

Do you think the death threats are serious, or just a way for haters to make sure Justin avoids Peru on tour? 


T.I. Gets Out of Prison... and Hooks Up With Taylor Swift!

Patty Oct 03, 2011

Rapper T.I. finally made his way out of prison and where is the first place he goes for his first post-prison appearance? Probably the last place authorities would think to find him: into the throes of a Taylor Swift concert! 

The rapper, who was released from a halfway house just last week, made a surprise appearance at last night's show and joined the country-pop star in his song "Live Your Life," with Taylor singing Rihanna's parts. How in the world did he end up there? Turns out that Taylor's show was held at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, which is T.I.'s stomping grounds. 

Check out the footage below:

T.I. is currently on probation for a year and must undergo drug and alcohol testing. He is not allowed to drive and can only travel for work. 

And T.I. isn't the only cameo that has been made in the duration of Taylor's tour: she's teamed up with Justin Bieber, Hayley Williams, Nicki Minaj and Ellen DeGeneres onstage in the past. This concert in particular was a makeup show for a postponement in July. 


What do you think of T.I. and Taylor Swift's hookup at the show? Who do you want to see Taylor link up with next?


Kristen Stewart Actually Knows How to Smile?

Patty Sep 30, 2011

Earlier this week we saw Twilight star (and famously broody) Kristen Stewart donning armor as Snow White on the set of her upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Yesterday photos of Kristen emerged, and this time the actress was seen sans armor and instead wearing an off-the-shoulder medieval gown... and she was SMILING! 

Don't believe it? Here's the proof:

Stop the presses! Is that a smile we see KStew?

We didn't know she had it in her! Guess that smile didn't last too long, as Kristen was also hosed down and made to appear drenched in water for a scene in the movie. 

If you haven't already heard, the movie follows the Huntsman who is ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed, before becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. Not quite the Disney version we're all so used to! Kristen's Snow White is also quite a world away from Disney's princess.

"She truly does not let her heart cloud her mind," she told Entertainment Weekly earlier this summer. "Also I get to have a sword and stuff, and really cool weapons."

"This girl has the amazing ability to channel fear, things that people are typically afraid to do, into this really focused, really charged, driving energy," she also said.

Whoa! Pretty awesome. Can't wait for this one!

The movie also stars Thor's Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. 

Check out more photos from the set of Snow White on EntertainmentWise.

Do you think Kristen looks prettier frowning or smiling? What do you think of Kristen's movie Snow White and the Huntsman so far?


Flashback Friday: 8 Cutest Movies With Numbers in the Title

Patty Sep 30, 2011

Some of the cutest movies are ones with numbers in their titles: 13 Going On 30, 50 First Dates, 10 Things I Hate About You - just to name a few! There's something about numbers and cute rom-coms that go amazingly well together. One such rom-com is the new Anna Faris and Chris Evans movie What's Your Number?, which is about a woman who, after being unlucky in love, decides to revisit 20 of her exes to find her true love. 

In honor of the new movie What's Your Number? (which is out today!), here are 8 of the cutest movies with numbers in the title:

13 Going on 30

10 Things I Hate About You

Sixteen Candles

17 Again

27 Dresses

40 Days and 40 Nights

50 First Dates

(500) Days of Summer

What cute movie with a number in the title is your favorite? Which movies should be on here that aren't?

Guess Which Celeb is Grabbing Justin Timberlake's Butt!

Patty Sep 30, 2011

If you're thinking it's Justin Timberlake's on-again, off-again (on-again?) girlfriend-actress Jessica Biel grabbing his booty, you are terribly wrong! Things must be getting either super boring or quite heated at the golf course in Las Vegas because one celebrity could not keep their hands off of the Friends With Benefits star's sexyback yesterday. Can you guess who it was?

It's none other than funnyman George Lopez! On hand (no pun intended!) at a Las Vegas golf course, home of Justin's Shriner's Hospital for Children Open charity golf tournament this week, George just couldn't keep his hands off of JT, reports E! Online.

Meanwhile Jessica was also in attendance, fueling talk that she and Justin are back together. (The two broke up earlier this year) Jess was seen playing chauffeur to her dude Justin earlier yesterday, and was spotted standing by her man earlier this week. 

It's okay George... we don't blame you! 

Did you guess that it was George Lopez grabbing Justin's booty, or were you totally off? Who did you first think it was? 


Who's Kat Von D's Mystery Man?

Patty Sep 29, 2011

Now that she and Jesse James have broke up AGAIN, Kat Von D seems to be over it this time. Last night, the LA Ink tattoo artist was spotted leaving L.A. hotspot Chateau Marmont with a "friend" - a tall, dark and handsome "friend" at that! 

Go Kat! Glad to see she's out and about this second time around publicly breaking up with Jesse, who was rumored to have cheated on her. Now, if only we knew the identity of this hunky gentleman...


(Source: Perez Hilton)

Hopefully this is the  last time Kat and Jesse break up. The two got together and broke up - only to make up and break up yet again.

Who do you want to see Kat Von D with next? Do you think she'll end up getting back with Jesse - or is it completely OVER?


Why Can't Kelly Clarkson Find a Date?

Patty Sep 29, 2011

Kelly Clarkson is having a hard time in the dating scene right now. As she told Access Hollywood a few days ago, "Dating is hard!" What makes it even harder is when untruths are being spread about you, like the rumors that Kelly Clarkson is gay. 

According to Perez Hilton, in a new interview Kelly clears the air about her sexual orientation and vents about how the rumors get in the way of finding love:

"I just think it is very ignorant to assume that you know everything about someone … People keep saying that I'm gay and … yeah, I'm not. I'm pretty sure I've never made out with girl. Sometimes, I wish I were because at this point, I would probably get hit on by a lot of girls! t's just not helping me because I am straight. No boy wants to hit on my because I make mean songs about them and they think I'm gay."

Bummer Kelly! We know it's hard to date, especially when you're in the limelight. But tougher when people assume (untrue) things about you!

All good though: Kelly has a new album coming out soon and her single "Mr. Know It All" is out now. 


Who would you like to see Kelly Clarkson date? What's the hardest thing about dating for you? 


Justin Timberlake: Movie Star, Singer... Broadway Actor?

Patty Sep 29, 2011

For those hoping that Justin Timberlake will return to music, I have some bad news for you: that won't be happening for quite some time. It seems that Justin, who has ditched his musical career for an acting one, is looking to be a more serious actor and a role in a brand new Broadway play may be just the thing!

The John Grisham novel A Time to Kill has just been adapted into a stage play by Rupert Holmes and is scheduled for a reading in NYC this Friday, reports Perez Hilton. Sources say that if all goes well at tomorrow's reading and producers go forward with making it a Broadway production, Justin is their first pick for the role of Brigance. If Justin were to get and accept the role, he would be walking in the footsteps of Matthew McConaughey, who played Brigance in the 1996 Joel Schumacher film.

Here's the 1996 film:

Justin in a serious Broadway play? Don't know how that will go. Granted, he's acted in several movies in the past year (The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friends With Benefits) and he's definitely got the singing chops... perhaps a musical is more fit? 

Would you see Justin in a Broadway play? Do you prefer Justin as a singer or an actor?

Kristen Stewart Goes To Battle As Snow White

Patty Sep 28, 2011

Photos have surfaced of Kristen Stewart on the set of her upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman and she's wearing... armor? To go into battle? When we first heard that KStew was playing Snow White, we figured it would be a slightly different version of the classic Disney animated movie - but we didn't imagine it to be like this! 

Check out the photos below (via Pop Sugar):

The Twilight actress is currently on location in the UK, specifically the Marloes Sands beach for this particular battle scene.

Snow White and the Huntsman also stars Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. The movie is slated to hit theaters June 2012.


First Look: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Character Posters

Get ready for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' - The Trilogy!

What do you think of the first look photos? Is this what you pictured Kristen's new movie to be like - or was your vision more like the Disney version? 


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